Kincardine Baptist Church

Plunging Into God’s Love

    As yet my love is weak, my heart imperfect, and so I have great need of your strength and comfort. Visit me often, I pray, and instruct me in the way of your laws. Set me free from all evil passions, and heal my heart from all immoral desires. And thus, healed and cleansed in spirit, may I learn how blissful it is to plunge into the depths of your love.
    Let your love dissolve my hard heart. Let your love raise me above myself. Let your love reveal to me joy beyond imagination. Let my soul exhaust itself in singing the praises of your love. Let me love you more than I love myself, and let me love myself only for your sake. And let me see your love shining in the hearts of all people, that I may love them as I love you.

Thomas Kempis

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