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Zero Degree Fighter Combat

*Enter one of the following codes at the console window during gameplay.
ADD-MOB: spawns ten new enemies.
ADD-MRCRANKY: spawns one new enemy.
CUETHECREDITS: displays the credits.
DEMOPLAY: plays the demo file.
DEMOSTOP: stops recording a demo file.
DEMOWRITE: records a demo file.
GO-ME-THE-GHILLIE: grants camouflage.
HOHEISENBERG: grants a meson cannon.
IAMBECOMEDEATH: grants nuclear weapons.
IMASISSYCRYBABY: toggles mission status (success/ failure).
IMAWUSS: successfully completes current mission.
ONESHOTONEKILL: grants hive missiles.
TAKETHESTICK: toggles auto pilot.
WHO-DAT-WHO-DAT-HUH: grants avionics package.
ZEUS-23: grants auto cannon.

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