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Warhammer: Dark Omen

Troop Roster Cheats (type FUDGEISLUSH to enable):
CTRL-C-E: increases selected unit's experience.
CTRL-C-G: adds one thousand gc to cash on hand.
CTRL-C-T: subtracts one thousand gc from cash on hand.
CTRL-C-U: makes selected unit unbreakable in combat.
Book Cheats (type DONTMESSWITHME to enable):
CTRL-C-F: grants full experience to all units.
CTRL-C-M: grants full quota of magic items.
In Battle Cheats (type BRINGEMON to enable):
Press and hold CTRL to select and control enemy units.
Press and hold K while firing to gain dead accuracy.
Press and hold W to increase magic points to maximum.
In Battle Cheats 2 (type OVERBYCHRISTMAS to enable):
Press F12 to successfully complete the current mission.
ATIMETOFIGHT: plays Long March animation.
BADBREATH: plays Hand Of Nagash animation.
BENNYHILL: toggles fast action battle mode.
BLACKMARKET: grants unlimited magic items in multiplayer mode.
CREDITS: displays credits.
GROOVETOWN: plays first mission animation.
HANDYMAN: transports you to meet Urgat.
LIGHTTREADING: plays Liber Mortis animation.
OHDEAR: plays death animation.
RIDETHESTORM: transports you to meet Azguz the second time.
SMALLPEBBLE: plays Jewel Of Morrslieb animation.
SMEGHEAD: turns all 3D heads into pinheads.
SQUAREWINDOW: magnifies portion of screen.
THELIVINGGEM: transports you to beginning of Wight battle.
WELCOME: plays intro animation.
WEWONTHEDAY: plays finale animation.
WHITEGRAIL: plays Black Grail animation.
YOUANDI: plays cutscene then ends mission.

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