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WarGames: Defcon 1

*Precede each code with a T. The eyeofgod, 
morningafter and saladtossed codes can be 
used during multiplayer.
BEER: downgrades the enemy's speed.
BIGSOFTY: downgrades the enemy's armor.
CHACHING: grants ten thousand dollars. can be repeated.
COFFEE: upgrades your speed.
DONKEYS: makes missile firing units fire jeeps instead.
EYEOFGOD: enables an extra level of zoom on low end machines.
GIMMIEGIMMIE: enables the building of anything even without the 
              command center.
HERMES: speeds up the building of units.
MORNINGAFTER: removes the fog of war.
MRMUSCLE: upgrades your armor.
SALADTOSSED: enables the selection of any level.
SHAFT: upgrades your firepower.
SHANK: downgrades the enemy's firepower.
TWOBYFOUR: builds units.
UNCLEJOHN: toggles invincibility.

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