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Wages of War

*Cheats must be entered in all CAPS.
BLOOD MONEY: toggles cheat mode on and off.
ADJECTIVES: gives all weapons, ammo, equipment, special objects and 
             maxes stats.
911: gives the current merc ten first aid kits.
BANG: activates all the damage links of all objects.
BILL: gives all weapons, equipment, and special objects.
DEADMAN: kills all enemies instantly.
ELBOW ROOM: gives 999 action points to the current merc.
EXPLODE: activates all the destroy links of all objects.
FILL MAGAZINE: gives Abdul's magazine two of everything.
HOUR: adds one hour to the game time.
LIBERTY: gives all weapons and maximum stats to the current merc.
MMIN: adds five minutes to the mission time.
MORTAL: changes the current merc's stats to that of an average level merc.
NOUN: increases the current merc's health to maximum.
OH BOYS: changes the clowns back into normal mercs.
OH DARN: launches one hundred random mortar rounds onto the map.
SEND IN THE CLOWNS: changes Wages of War to a clown motif.
SET MINE: places a mine at the current merc's position.
SMOKE: gives the current merc twenty five smoke grenades.
STATS: increases the current merc's stats to maximum.
TIMERS: gives the current merc ten satchel charges and ten timers.
VERB: gives one clip of all ammo types to the current merc.

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