FREE Robotic Mount - FREE Ship


In The Game At The Main Menu:

DESTRUCT -Scorched Earth Game
ENEMY -Captured Enemy U-Fighter
STEALTH -Ninja Fighter
STORMWIND -The Elemental Fighter
TECHNO -Experimental Fighter
UNKNOWN -TX SilverCloud
WEIRD -Carrot Food Fighter

In The Game While Playing:

F2, F3 and F6 -Invincible
F2, F6 and F7 -Skip Levels
F11 -Gamma correction
BACKSPACE and 1 -Super turbo mode
TAB and 1 -Switch to the blue ship
TAB and 2 -Switch to the red ship
TAB and 4 -Switch to a suped up red ship
TAB and 3,5,6,7,8,9, or 0 -Switch to the normal ship with no armor

In The Game At The Difficulty Screen:

Capitol "G" (look to see if CAPS LOCK is on or off) -Impossible Mode

In The Setup Program:

W -Wild Detail Level (Better have a Pentium )

In The JukeBox (In The Setup Program):

/ -Switch from music mode to sound effects mode
. -Next sound effect
, -Previous sound effect
; -Play sound effect
[ -Decrement star color and pixels
{ -Same as above but different method
] -Increment star color and pixels
} -Same as above but different method
+ or - -Speed up and slow down the speed of the stars and the music
0 -Reset the speed of the stars and the music
1-8 -Star pattern
F -Fade out the music
P -Pause
R -Repeat the song
W -Pulsate the music

Command Line Parameters:

Start Tyrian by typing FILE0001, , and one of these parameters, and :

CONSTANT -Ship constantly fires and sweeps from side to side
DEATH -Ship blows up immediately but the game continues to scroll through the level
LOOT -???
NOJOY -Starts the game with no joystick
RECORD -Records a demo of the current game and saves it as DEMOREC.x (where "x" is a number in sequential order of the demo i.e. DEMOREC.1, DEMOREC.2, etc...) in the current directory (How do you play them back without renaming them to DEMO.x and overwriting the existing demo files???!!!)

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