FREE Robotic Mount - FREE Ship

Theme Park

PC\MAC:When you load the game up and the machine asks "What is your
nickname" type "horza". Then at any time when playing the game
press c for 50k control Z for all shops, Alt Z for all rides and
Shift Z for all scenery and features.
MAC EXTRA BITS:Press V when playing game to see position coordinates (preety useless cheat) and J to go to the auction room (horza must be your nickname for these cheats to work)
AMIGA 500:Enter your nickname as "markl" and your name "MARK LAMPORT" then all cheats for the PC work on the AMIGA 500 version.
AMIGA 1000:Enter your nickname as "Mike". Now access the main game, exit again and re-access it. Now press Z, X and C for all rides, shops and features.

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