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Turok: Dinosaur Hunter

*Enter the following codes at the main menu 
Enter Cheat option, then toggle them at the Cheat Menu:
Retail verison codes:
LLSNMRTN: toggles invincibility.
MBRNKLSN: toggles spirit mode.
MGRLSGTM: grants all weapons.
RHNSRLL: grants unlimited ammo.
PRMSHN: toggles big head mode.
TRNTNNQ: reveals the entire map.
HFLLTHSH: toggles tiny enemies mode.
CRLSFNDNGS: toggles purdy colors mode.
PTLFGNDS: warps to level one.
QTMBGS: warps to level two.
GTMNDSBF: warps to level three.
NCPGHM: warps to level four.
RSTPDFRPL: warps to level five.
BGRSD: warps to level six.
NBCD: warps to level seven.
LFRRSPR: warps to level eight.
HTSDNM: warps to the gallery.
LRNMSNHR: displays credits.
JFFSPNGDNBRG: grants infinite lives.
GSRCGKFS: toggles quack mode.
DGHTTSRS: grants all keys.
CRCDND: the Long Hunter warp.
CTNTSCND: the Mantis warp.
THSFNDNT: the T-Rex warp.
HSTSMN: the Campaigner warp.
KNTSFSKS: toggles fly mode.
TKMDKK:shows all enemies.
BGGNTSS: toggles disco mode.
OEM version codes:
DDDNSTBR: toggles invincibility.
NDNLP: toggles spirit mode.
THMSCLS: grants all weapons.
LNJHNSN: grants unlimited ammo.
RBCHN: toggles big head mode.
GNNTRTMNT: reveals the entire map.
JSNCRPNTR: toggles tiny enemies mode.
CRLSFNDNGS: toggles purdy colors mode.
MTTSTBBNGTNB: warps to level one.
DRRNSTBBNGTN: warps to level two.
MKJNK: warps to level three.
PTNDNCN: warps to level four.
NNTND: warps to level five.
TRMNN: warps to level six.
JMDNN: warps to level seven.
MRGRTTRR: warps to level eight.
SHNTRRNT: warps to the gallery.
THTRTMBB: displays credits.
JFFSPNGDNBRG: grants infinite lives.
DNLDDCK: toggles quack mode.
NGLCKCK: grants all keys.
JHNTHMS: the Long Hunter warp.
STPHNBRML: the Mantis warp.
GRGMLCHCK: the T-Rex warp
RNTRC: the Campaigner warp.
BKSTRD: toggles fly mode.
FHGTBC: shows all enemies.
JHNNCK: toggles disco mode.

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