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Total Annihilation: Kingdoms

*Press [ENTER], enter one of the following codes then press [ENTER].
+ATM: increases energy and metal by one thousand.
+BIGBROTHER: units display alternate sayings.
+BPS: displays bits per second (multiplayer).
+CDSTART: starts/ stops music.
+CLOCK: displays clock.
+COMBUSTION: kills enemies.
+DITHER: uses dithering rather than line of sight.
+DOUBLESHOT: makes weapons do double damage.
+FOGCOLOR [1-256]: changes fog color.
+HALFSHOT: makes weapons do half damage.
+ILOSE: unsuccessfully completes current mission.
+INFRARED: toggles fog of war.
+IWIN: successfully completes current mission.
+KILL [1-4]: kills specified player.
LOTSABLOOD: increases gore level.
+LUSHEE: increases limited resources.
+METEOR: generates random meteor showers.
+NANOLATHING: doubles metal use and nanolathing.
+NOENERGY: disables energy.
+NOMETAL: disables metal.
+NOWISEE: disables line of sight and reveals full map.
+RADAR: grants full radar coverage.
+SHARERADAR: shares radar information.
+SHOOTALL: units automatically target all enemies.
+SING: units sing when given orders.
+TILT: grants maximum number of men and materials.
+VIEW [0-4]: view specified player's energy and metal.
+ZIPPER: speeds unit construction.

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