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Twisted Metal 2

Type at the car select screen

GLORIOUS  - Cheats Enabled
ICECREAM  - Play as Sweet Tooth
BIGBOY    - Play as Minion

Type during gameplay

GLORIOUS   - Cheats Enabled
DIVINE     - God Mode
ALLUCANEAT - Eternal Life
DOUBLEDOWN - Supercharged Weapons
HOLYSMOKES - Infinite Weapons
SLAMFEST   - Super Slam
GIMMEMORE  - Weapons Added
2HOT       - Homing Napalm
CUSUCKA    - Mega Guns
FRAMERATE  - Display framerate

While playing, press these keys in rapid succession

D,U,R,L,U,U,D,D - Soul sold (trade weapons for health)
L,R,U - Freeze Burst
R,L,D - Mine
R,L,U - Napalm
U,U,R - Shield
U,U,L - High Jump
L,R,D - Rear Attack
R,D,L,U - Cloaking
U,D,U,U,Space - Minion Attack

Type at the level select screen in multi-player mode:

DASBAK  - Net Cheats Enabled
SLEUTH  - Sneak Peeks
JMSWAMP - Suicide Swamp Level
TMBURBS - Cyburbia Level
TMROOF  - Rooftops Level

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