FREE Robotic Mount - FREE Ship


To activate these codes press Ctrl-F11. A cursor 
will pop up in the bottom left corner. Type the 
desired code then press ENTER. When finished press 
Ctrl-F11 again. 
BIONICWOMAN - Jump high, but run slow.
INVUL       - Invulnerablitly.
LOC         - Location.
GORE 2      - Enhances level of blood.
DINOS       - Pause Dinos in tracks.
BONES       - Shows outline, of things you can interact 
              with, or just shows objects.
WOO         - Unlimited ammo.
TNEXT       - Transports you through important locations 
              on the level.
GORE        - Fatal error.
WIN         - Ending movie.
SORT        - Fatal error.
Level Select 

You can also jump to any level by hitting 
CTRL + shift + Q + W 
and then letting up on W. 

Hidden Gun 

In the second board where you have pile a box up 
to get over the cliff do the following. Pick up the 
smallest rock possible. Try to throw it to knock down
the box farthest left. if you hit it just right you 
should have knocked down a Bannell1 M1 Super 90.

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