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Total Annihilation

Follow these 3 steps to activate cheats.

Step 1-Hit enter (brings up message box).
Step 2-Hit plus (+) sign and type the desired code from the list below.
Step 3-Hit enter again (activates cheat).

Repeat the 3 steps to enter more cheats 
or turn off cheats.

Cheat       -       Effect

atm        - 1000 metal and energy.
cdstart    - Starts CD music.
contour #  - Shows 3D contour # 1-15.
dither     - Dithering instead of fog of war.
doubleshot - All weapons do twice the damage.
halfshot   - All weapons do half the damage.
ilose      - You lose.
iwin       - You win.
noenergy   - Drops energy to 0.
nometal    - Drops metal to 0.
noshake    - Disables screen shakes.
nowisee    - Full map and disables fog of war.
radar      - 100% radar coverage.
sing       - Maks units sing when given orders.
switchalt  - Switch squads with Alt+# keys.
view#      - View # player's metal and energy.

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