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Test Drive 5

To use these codes you must be fast enough to have your 
time entered on the high score screen (make sure to turn 
checkpoints on from OPTION screen.) 

Name:      Effect:

knacked    - Reverse tracks
whoooosh   - Nitros (press HORN while racing)
mjcim.rc   - Tiny cars
sausage    - Bonus cars

After entering the codes make sure you save your game.
Otherwise, you will have to run this each time you play.

Also, if you use the Nitro code don't try it until you're
in second or higher gear. Otherwise you'll spin out. 

Other Cheat Codes:

Go to the first OPTIONS menu and type:

cup of choice       - This unlocks all cup races!
that takes me back  - This enables backwards mode!
i have the key      - This unlocks all cars and tracks!

Where the spaces are you must hit the space bar

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