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Star Wars: Shadows Of The Empire

(NOTE: When entering names with the * in them the, * is a space)

Play As An AT-ST, Wampa, Or Snowtrooper!! 

For all 3 of these you must have the controller set to traditional which
can be done by pausing the game going to options and a controller option
should be there (the default is standard so you must change it) 

To become an AT-ST: First make a new file ( remember * are spaces ) called
*Wampa**Stompa ( yes the are 2 spaces between Wampa and Stompa ) and set it
to the medium difficulty setting Now start the game. 

To drive an AT-ST do this: you MUST be on the stage with the AT-ST in it.
Then hit Left on the + Pad ( not the analog stick ) and the Right C button
simultaneously ( don't hold them just quickly hit them) and then hit the
Up Button on the + Pad. Now press Right C to scroll through the camera
angles, you SHOULD see an AT-ST after cycling through them. 

To become a Wampa: (it's basically the same thing as the AT-ST code) Start
the Echo Base stage with the same name and go into the wampa room and hit
Left on the + Pad ( not the analog stick ) and the Right C button
simultaneously then scroll through the camera views again.

To become a Snow Trooper: On the Echo Base stage hit Right ( not left this
time ) on the + pad ( not on the analog stick ) and the right C button
simultaneously then hit up on the + pad ( not analog stick ) and then
cycle through the camera views again. 

On all of these you use the + pad (not the analog stick) to control the
guys that you take over and use the analog stick to control your normal guy. 


Enter your name as *Credits and play any level then you will see the credits. 

Weapon Power-up 

Enter your name as *Jabba on the Jedi difficulty level all of your weapons
will be powered up (when you are playing as Dash) 

Staff Photo 

First enter the credits code *Credits let the credits cycle back to the
beginning then press start, this will take you back to the title screen
now press up/right on the analog stick you will then see a picture
of the SOTE crew. 

Wampas Roaring 

To hear the wampas roar while you're using the game menus,
enter R*Testers*ROCK as your name.

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