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SimCity 2000

Generate a city in 2000, using any version of 2000 you want (dos, windows, 
mac).  Do NOT try this with a city you import from classic - no matter how 
many times I tried, I could not get it to work on a simcity classic city 
that was converted.  Make sure that you have highlighted the icon bar on 
the left side right before you are going to do this - seems to be a key.  
Type the following:


It seems to work only with caps lock off - lower case only.

Each time you do this, it gives you $500,000 more funds and turns on all 
the rewards (mayor's house, city hall, statue, dome, and all the arcos) 
without regard to the date or population you are at.  This seems to be 
very much the same as on the mac when using porntipsguzzardo or 
topsguzzardo (depends on which mac version you have).

Interesting idea for both pc and mac situations (for the mac, you luckily 
do not have to switch as on the pc between dos and windows versions, 
otherwise do the same):

Start a new city in 2000 for dos but do NOT do any building or other stuff 
yet.  Type FUND and take the bond at 25% interest; repeat again.  Now open 
the budget window and then the bond window - take out a bond.  The bond 
offered will be at .% interest.  If it is not, you did something after 
starting your city up which you can not do to get this to work right.  
Accept the bond at .% and immediately pay back the other 2 bonds at 25% 
interest ONLY.  Close the bond window and forget the bond window forever 
for this city.  You will now have an income of over $1.4 million (pc) / 
$1.3 million (mac) every year of your city's being.  Go a head and lower 
your tax rate to either 1 or 0% - you will have more than enough funds for 
this city for the rest of its life so you dont have to worry about income 
from your citizens and they will more than move in.

Now save your city and start 2000 for windows and load your city from the 
previous step (for the mac, just continue working on your city).  
Highlight the icon bar on the left side and type the magic word for your 
system for an additional $500,000 as well as all the rewards being 
available.  The major item a lot of people would be interested in at this 
point, it would seem, are all the different arcos.  Imagine building a 
city with a date of 1900 and making all lauch arcos for the whole city all 
at once???  I dont generally build cities with arcos but I know a lot of 
people who just love them for the large populations.  So now the pc folks 
have the same capabilities as the mac folks do for 2000.  Just repeat the 
magic word for more $500,000 incomes real quick if you want.  If you do 
the earlier, you probably will not if you wait a few years to build up 
your funds.

Now you can either save your city and go back to 2000 for dos (for speed) 
or just keep in windows and continue on your way.  Since I have access to 
both 2000 for dos and windows, this seems a great way to go for cities 
made in 2000.  Have not tried, but would be interesting to see what 
happens with cities that used these ways and were imported to the other 
platform (pc to mac or mac to pc).

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