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Savage Wars

Cheat Word              Effect
---------- ------
replay 3D game mode
eleventh Enables The Master
gardener Enables Tom Teck
dunk Enables Scottie Pippen
numberone Enables Captain Warrior
pam Enables Pamela
circus Arena now selectable combat area
nopain No Weapons
tyson No Special moves
nogain Can't lose weapons
finalfive Allows "5 out of 7 rounds" (as opposed to 3/5)
snowwhite Tiny Characters
evildeath Enables "Gore Mode"
forqa Development Tools (anyone know what these do?)
nbk Only One Round
woo Stops the loss of "special move" power
easyspecialmoves Makes special moves easier to execute:
P is the first move,
K is the second move, and
P is the third move.

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