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Star Wars: Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace

*Press backspace key and enter one of the following codes.
60FPS: toggles between thirty and sixty fps.
BEYOND CINEMA: toggles letter box movie mode.
BRENANDO: grants tech bonus.
BUT I FEEL SO GOOD: toggles push force color.
DONTTTTT: kills you.
DROP A BEAT: toggles wavy screen effect.
FPS: toggles frames per second display.
FROM ABOVE: toggles alternate player perspectives.
GIVE ME LIFE: grants maximum health (5x per game; makes game harder).
GURSHICK: displays end game credits.
HAPPY: toggles alternate weapon three power mode.
HEAL IT UP: grants maximum health.
I LIKE TO CHEAT: grants all weapons and maximum ammo.
I REALLY STINK: sets difficulty to easy ("weenie").
I RULE THE WORLD: displays "you da man".
IAMOBI: enables play as obi-wan kenobi.
IAMPANAKA: enables play as captian panaka.
IAMQUEEN: enables play as queen amidala.
IAMQUIGON: enables play as qui-gon jinn.
KILL ME NOW: kills you.
NAUGHTY NAUGHTY: toggles behind character perspective.
OLDCODE: toggles between debug 1 and debug 2 modes.
PERF: toggles wire frames.
PERFECTION: toggles deadly push force.
REX: toggles red menu box borders.
RRRRRIGHT: kills you.
SLOWMO: toggles slow motion mode.
TURNTABLES: disables the ability to cheat.
WHERE IS GURSHICK: displays end game credits

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