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Star Rangers

JAVA: enables cheat codes.
BOGONS: shows a picture of the Star Rangers programmers.
BOXES: target boxes.
CAMEO: turns warp tunnel autopilot on and off.
DUST: enables you to fly through objects and ships.
ISEEU: reveals all enemies on the game map.
SCOTTY: unlimited warp.
SHAZAM: turns invincibility on and off.
SHIFT+F12: switches game to low-resolution graphic mode.
VITAMINZ: maxes out fuel and ammo.
VOIZIF: ends the current mission (Failure).
VOIZIS: ends the current mission (Success).
ZOOMERZ: accelerates time Jump to any mission in the game using the 
         following codes.
VOIZI1: mission 1.
VOIZI2: mission 2.
VOIZI3: mission 3.
VOIZI4: mission 4.
VOIZI5: mission 5.
VOIZI6: mission 6.
VOIZI7: mission 7.
VOIZI8: mission 8.
VOIZI9: mission 9.
VOIZI0: mission 10.
VOIZI!: mission 11.
VOIZI@: mission 12.
VOIZI#: mission 13.
VOIZI$: mission 14.
VOIZI%: mission 15.
VOIZI^: mission 16.
VOIZI&: mission 17.

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