FREE Robotic Mount - FREE Ship

StarCraft: Brood War

*The following codes are single player only. 
Press [ENTER] and type them in chat mode.
BLACK SHEEP WALL: reveals the entire map.
BREATHE DEEP: grants free vespene gas.
DRAWBRIDGE: grants ten thousand trees.
FOOD FOR THOUGHT: grants the ability to build units beyond supply 
GAME OVER MAN: unsuccessfully ends mission.
GO TRU THE GATESINGEN: grants one billion gold.
MAN OVER GAME: successfully ends mission.
MEDIEVAL MAN: grants free upgrades to units.
MODIFY THE PHASE VARIANCE: grants the ability to construct all buildings.
NOGLUES: turns off all glue (between missions) screens.
OPERATION CWAL: accelerates buildings and unit construction.
OPHELIA: mission warp.
POWER OVERWHELMING: toggles god mode.
SHOW ME THE MONEY: grants 10,000 gas and 10,000 money.
SOMETHING FOR NOTHING: grants all upgrades.
STAYING ALIVE: taying Alive: makes it impossible to complete the 
               current mission.
THE GATHERING: grants unlimited energy to all casting units.
THERE IS NO COW LEVEL: successfully completes the current mission.
WAR AINT WHAT IT USED TO BE: disables the fog of war.
WHATS MINE IS MINE: grants free minerals.

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