FREE Robotic Mount - FREE Ship

StarCraft- Brood War

 Hit ENTER to enter chat mode, type in the following 
 code and hit ENTER again (note: these codes only work 
 in single-player): 

black sheep wall -     entire map revealed 

breathe deep -         gives you 500 vespene gas 
Food for thought -     ability to build units beyond the support limit 

game over man -        instant loss 

man over game -        instant win 

medieval man -         gives free upgrades to units 

modify the phase variance -     gain ability to build any building, 
                                regardless of requirements 
noglues -               Opponent can't use psionics 

Operation CWAL -        speed up construction of buildings and units. 

ophelia -               Enter this to enable level skipping cheat. 
                        Then enter the mission you want to skip to 
                        (i.e. terran10, Zerg5, Protoss7, etc.) to go there 
Power overwhelming -    God Mode 

Radio free zerg         Zerg song (must be playing Zerg) 

Show me the money -     gain 10,000 gas and 10,000 minerals. 

something for nothing - everything available is upgraded 

staying alive -         prevents the mission from ending due to 
                        victory or defeat 
the gathering -         gain unlimited energy to all casting units 

there is no cow level - completes current mission 

war ain't what it used to be -  no fog of war 

whats mine is mine -     gives you 500 minerals 

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