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All Copters 
While playing, press Ctrl-Alt-X and type 
"I'm the CEO of McDonnell Douglas". 
Now go to the copter catalog and type "123456789". 
Go outside and you'll see all the helicopters. 

Cheat Codes 
While playing, press Ctrl-Alt-X and type any of these phrases. 

Effect             Code
Unlimited Fuel     Gas does grow on trees
Big Copters        Make me big
Invincibility      Shields up
Explode Plane      Radioactivity 
Level Skip         Been there, done that
View Map           The map, please
Blow up Reactor    Radioactivity
Enter Helicopter   I love my helicopter
Use Megaphone      A megaphone in the hand is worth two in the bush
New camera angle   Out for a Sunday drive
Save ASCII map     Stop and ask for directions
Play Ending Movie  Gort
Bilboard Picture   PAMCAREYGOLDMAN
Warp to Hanger     There's no place like home

In-flight Movie 

When in a city with a drive in, face away from the drive-in 
screen, then press Ctrl-Alt-X and type "Lights, Camera, Action!" 
Be sure to use the capital letters where they are and space after 
each comma. If you turn around and face the screen a short movie 
will be playing. 

Level Select 

To warp to any level, press Ctrl-Alt-X and type
"Warp me to career: ##", where ## is the level you 
wish to play (0-30). 

Playing Tip 

If you want some easy money, here's how you can get. 
First, wait until there's nothing going on and your just 
flying around. Find a busy street and land right in the 
middle of the road. Wait until the woman communicates with 
you. She should tell you about a traffic jam. All you have 
to do is take off and use the megaphone to clear up the jam 
and you should earn a reward for it!!! 

Super Dog and Super Speed 

While playing, press Ctrl-Alt-X and type "superpowermultiply". 
While you're in your helicopter, hold SHIFT to fly faster than 

If you step out of the copter and press SHIFT your avatar will  
change into a dog. If you press SHIFT while you are a Super Dog 
would will go even faster. 

Unlimited Money 

Save your game before you do this. This code has a tendancy to 
drach the game. While playing, press Ctrl-Alt-X and type "Give 
me bucks or give me death:$" Subsitute $ with how much money you

Weapons of Mass Destruction 

First, open a user game in Tutorial City. Next, use the cheat to
get all the Copters. Enter the green military helicopter. If it 
doesn't have all the avaiable options, buy them, and Save your 
game! If you try to shoot the water cannon, bullets will fire. When 
you use the tear gas launcher, deadly missles will fire. For the 
best results in accuracy, change to the cockpit view. The cross-hairs
is where your barrage will hit. 

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