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Redneck Rampage

RDELVIS         Invincibility toggle
RDHOUNDDOG      Invincibility toggle
RDALL           Gives you all health, items, ammo and weapons
RDGUNS          All weapons
RDINVENTORY     All inventory
RDITEMS         All items
RDKEYS          All keys
RDMEADOWxyy     Warp to episode x (1-2) level yy (01-07)
SHOWMAP         Full map
RDCLIP          No clipping mode
RDMONSTERS      Enemy toggle
RDSKILL#        Restart level at skill # (1-4)
RDRATE          Display frame rate
RDVIEW          Chase plane view
RDUNLOCK        Toggle locks
RDDEBUG         Debug mode toggle
RDBETA          Displays "Eatme!"
RDMAXX          Displays "MAXX Rules"
RDRAFAEL        Displays "For you Granpa!"

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