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Rocky Mountain Trophy Hunter

*Enter codes at the main menu screen.
BGBULLWINKLE: grants only moose.
BGELKABONG: grants only elk.
BGHORNS: grants only sheep.
BGNOAH: doubles the number of animals.
BGSTEROIDS: grants maximum sized animals.
BGYOGI: grants only bear.
*Enter codes at the map view screen.
BGSHOW: shows all animals in map view.
BGTRACK: instantly transports hunter to chosen location.
BGURINE: attracts animals to hunter.
BGVAMPIRE: shows blood trails in map view.
*Enter codes at the hunt view screen.
BGBARBECUE: grants rocket launcher.
BGPREDATOR: turns screen blue and animals dark brown.
BGSNIPER: toggles weapon wobble.
BGWEATHER: toggles weather effects.

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