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Rise of the Triad

86ME: kill yourself.
DIPSTICK: enable cheats.
BADTRIP: enters mushroom mode.
BOING: enters rubber ball mode.
BONES: gives player the flamewall.
BOOZE: gives player the drunk missile.
BURNME: grants player asbestos armor.
CHOJIN: toggles invincibility on and off.
DIMOFF: turns off light diminishing.
DIMON: turns on light diminishing.
FIREBOMB: gives player the firebomb.
FLYBOY: turns on flying mode.
GOARCH: ends level.
GOGATES: exits to DOS.
GOOBERS: starts game over from the beginning.
GOTA386: turns off floors and ceilings.
GOTA486: turns on floors and ceilings.
GOTOx: level warp: x is level number.
HOTTIMES: gives player the heat-seeking missile.
HUNTPACK: gives player the dual missile.
JOHNWOO: gives player two pistols.
LONDON: enters fog mode.
LUNGDUNG: gives player a gas mask.
NODNOL: turns fog mode on and off.
PANIC: restores default weapons--one handgun.
PLAY: plays back recorded demo.
PLUGME: gives MP40 machine gun.
RECORD: records demo of play session.
REEN: reenters current level.
RIDE: turns on missile cam.
SEEYA: enters noninvincible god mode.
SHINEOFF: light sourcing off.
SHINEON: light sourcing on.
SHOOTME: gives player bulletproof armor.
SIXTOYS: gives player all keys and bulletproof armor.
SPEED: toggles autorun on and off.
TOOSAD: enters noninvincible god mode.
VANILLA: gives player a normal bazooka.
WHACK: hurts player (ouch!).
WHERE: toggles map X,Y positions on and off.

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