FREE Robotic Mount - FREE Ship

Redneck Rampage Rides Again

RDAARON: toggles mushroom mode.
RDALL: grants all guns, ammo, inventory and keys.
RDARIJIT: grants the boat.
RDCLIP: toggles no clipping mode.
RDCRITTERS: toggles enemy respawn.
RDDEBUG: toggles debug mode.
RDDONUT: grants the boat.
RDELVIS: toggles god mode.
RDGREG: grants the boat.
RDGUNS: grants all guns.
RDHOUNDDOG: toggles god mode.
RDINVENTORY: grants all inventory.
RDITEMS: grants all items.
RDJOSEPH: grants the motorcycle.
RDKEYS: grants all keys.
RDKFC: toggles chicken mode.
RDMEADOW###: level warp (#-episode, ##-level).
RDMIKAEL: grants all items.
RDMOONSHINE: grants moonshine.
RDMRBILL: injures you severely.
RDNOAH: toggles alternate debug information.
RDNOCHEAT: turns off all cheats.
RDRATE: shows the frame rate.
RDRHETT: kills you.
RDSHOWMAP: reveals the entire map.
RDSKILL#: changes skill level (1-4).
RDUNLOCK: toggles locks.
RDVAN: grants the van.
RDVIEW: toggles view mode (F7).
RDWOLESLAGLE: toggles drunk mode.
RDYERAT: reveals your location.

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