FREE Robotic Mount - FREE Ship


*Press G-O-D during gameplay to display the command line. 
Enter one of the following codes.
ALLAMMO: grants full ammo for all on foot weapons.
CA: grants full car ammo.
CAMERA: enables third person viewpoint while on foot.
CARFLIP: flips car geometry.
CARREVERSE: reverses car geometry.
CAROFF: removes car geometry.
CW: grants all car weapons.
DBDAMAGE: doubles on foot damage.
IMMORTAL: enables god mode.
MORTAL: disables god mode.
RADAR: toggles on foot radar.
RETICLE: enables interactive reticle.
STONEAGE: replaces car with running person.
TARGETS: auto-targets on foot weapons.
TEAMBEYOND: displays Beyond Games credits.
WHEELSOFF: toggles car wheels

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