FREE Robotic Mount - FREE Ship

Quake III: Arena

Technology Test Codes:
*Server must have cheats enabled (devmap q3test1) for them to work.
GIVE ALL: grants all weapons and grappling hook.
GIVE AMMO: grants full ammo.
GIVE ARMOR: grants full armor.
GIVE BFG10K: grants bfg 10k.
GIVE GAUNTLET: grants gauntlet.
GIVE GRAPPLING HOOK: grants grappling hook.
GIVE GRENADE LAUNCHER: grants grenade launcher.
GIVE HEALTH: grants full health.
GIVE LIGHTNING GUN: grants lightning gun.
GIVE MACHINEGUN: grants machine gun.
GIVE PERSONAL TELEPORTER: grants personal teleporter.
GIVE PLASMA GUN: grants plasma gun.
GIVE QUAD DAMAGE: grants quad damage power up.
GIVE RAILGUN: grants rail gun.
GIVE ROCKET LAUNCHER: grants rocket launcher.
GIVE SHOTGUN: grants shotgun.
GOD: toggles god mode.

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