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Price of Persia

This is a cheat for Prince of Persia.  You don't need to load any patches
or alter anything in the program... you just start Prince of Persia by
typing in   `prince megahit'  and the following `bonus keys' suddenly
become available!
K Kills all enemies on the screen.
R Resurrects you where you last died.
+ Increase time left.
- Decrease time left.

Shift-L Warps you to next level.
Shift-T Gives you an extra life.
Shift-S Heals a lost life.
Shift-W Allows you to float down long drops.
Shift-N Look at screen below the current one.
Shift-U Look at screen above the current one.
Shift-H Look at screen to the left of current one.
Shift-J Look at screen to the right of current one.
Shift-B Blocks out non-animated objects.
Shift-I Inverts the screen.

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