FREE Robotic Mount - FREE Ship


LOBOCOP: gives all weapons.
LOBODIETY: grants god mode.
LOBOLITE: removes the flash from explosions and gun fire.
LOBOPICK: gives all keys.
LOBOSPERE: reveals entire map.
LOBOSWAG: gives all items.
LOBOXY: displays your current coordinates.
HOLLY: brings up command line to enter the following codes:
CREATURE# : places the selected creature(s) at your current location.
0: anubis 
1: spider 
2: mummy 
3: piranha 
4: basset 
5: magmantis 
6: am nit 
7: set 
8: kilmatikhan 
9: alien worker 
10: alien worker 
11: omen wasp
DOORS: activates all doors, traps and switches.
LEVEL # : level warp (type the word "level", space, then type the 
           level number).

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