FREE Robotic Mount - FREE Ship

Postal Demo

*Demo Version Codes:
CHTMNO: grants a kevlar vest and health.
CHTPOS: grants a kevlar vest and health.
CHTPOW: grants a kevlar vest and health.
CHTSOP: grants heat seeking missiles and fifty of each missile type.
*Full Version Codes:
BREAKYOSAK: grants shotgun ammo.
CARRYMORE: doubles your ammo carrying capacity.
CROTCHBOMB: grants mines.
DAWHOLEENCHILADA: grants flamer, grenades, missles and napalm.
EXPLODARAMA: grants grenades, heatseekers and missles.
FIREHURLER: grants flamer.
FLAMENSTEIN: grants flamer, molotov cocktails and napalm.
GIMMEDAT: grants all weapons, all items and full armor.
HEALTHFUL: grants full health.
HESSTILLGOOD: resurrects you when dead.
IAMSOLAME: grants invincibility.
LOBITFAR: grants grenades.
SHELLFEST: grants spray cannon.
SHOTGUN: grants shotgun ammo.
STERNOMAT: grants napalm.
THEBESTGUN: grants spray cannon.
THERESNOPLACELIKEOZ: successfully completes the current level.
THICKSKIN: grants full armor.
TITANIII: grants heatseekers and missles.

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