FREE Robotic Mount - FREE Ship


*Enter the following codes during any race:
CRASH: toggles collisions.
GARAG: auto repairs your vehicle.
HOLIGAN: damages your car.
LABEL: displays the player's name above the car.
MAP: replaces the tachometer with a track map.
MAP-F9: enhances the track map by displaying cars as numbers 1 through 8.
MIRROR: enables a reverse button on the track selection screen.
RETRO: displays a rearview mirror.
*Additional Cheats:
Adjust Difficulty/ Damage Level: type VALAY at the option menu.
Extra Tracks: type SPEEDSTER at the track selection screen.
Super Car: type DURAL at the settings options screen.
Small Cars, Big Wheels: type METRO after the opening intro.
*The following cheat requires you to edit the ubi.ini file in the 
game's directory. 
Add the following (or replace) to 
line pod2_0: POD2_0 Tonneau=181 109 119 111 143 8 147 90 146 160.

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