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Need For Speed 2:SE

Type in these codes at the main menu.  
Note - cheats are not available in multiplayer modes.
MAD		Cows will fly behing your car instead of dust (3Dfx only)
SLOT		In Arcade or Wild mode, your car will autmatically turn
CHASE		Cause opponent cars to follow you, 
		regardless of where you drive
RAIN		Rain conditions on Proving Grounds or Mystic Peaks tracks
SLIP		Slippery tracks
ROADRAGE	Make opponents ahead of you crash when you honk your horn
PIONEER		Upgrade all car engines
RUSHHOUR	Lots of traffic on tracks
HOLLYWOOD	Bonus track - Monolithic Studios
BOMBER		Bonus car - Bomber BFS
FZR2000		Bonus car - FZR 2000
TOMBSTONE	Bonus car - Tombstone Daytona racing car
KCJONES		Rainbow colored car (3Dfx only)
SCHOOLZONE	Civilian car - school bus
VIP		Civilian car - limo
GO19 		Civilian car - Commanche Pick-up Truck
GO21 		Civilian car - Tractor Trailer
GO31 		Civilian car - Mercedes Unimog Army Truck
GO33 		Civilian car - Mercedes Unimog Snow Truck
GO40 		Change car into wooden box
GO41 		Change car into hand cart
GO42 		Change car into wooden stand
GO43 		Change car into tyrannosaurus rex
GO44 		Change car into covered wagon
GO45 		Change car into Souvenir Stand 1
GO46 		Change car into Souvenir Stand 2
GO47 		Change car into Souvenir Stand 3
GO48 		Change car into log
GO49		Change car into crate
GO50 		Change car into box of beer
GO51 		Change car into block of rock

While Race is loading:
Hold "n" for night driving (will not work with 3Dfx)

During gameplay:
Hold "h" for short burst of speed.

When you receive a record:
Type SILSPD to make your car heavier

To remove invisible walls:
Start the race on either the Mediterraneo or the Mystic Peaks 
track with the McLaren F1 in Simulation Mode. At any time during 
the race, drive in reverse, keep your horn blaring and hit any 
at moveable object (not a sign) at about 60 MPH. Now the cheat 
is enabled. To use the cheat you must drive over 80 MPH
and hit any guard rail, bridge, etc. You will fly off track.

For 9 camera views:
During the black screen after loading press and hold c,
b and RIGHT SHIFT 6 times. Then after the camera zooms to the car at the
beginning of the race press and hold these keys 6 times again. 
You will now be able to drive in 9 different camera views.

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