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Need For Speed 2

Just before you select RACE, type in these codes: 

hollywood       Bonus Track
pioneer         Gives secret cars a very powerful engine
slip            Gives access to superslip and slide mode
*Hold N while in the loading screen to race at night

These codes give you access to that secret car:
(these codes can be entered at the red screen that says continue, replay
or restart to save time)

quattro     Audi Quattro
armytruck   Army truck
commanche 	Commanche pick up truck
semi        Big rig
bmw         BMW
redracer	Ford Indigo
jeepyj      Jeep YJ
miata       Madza Miata
mercedes    Mercedes
bus         School bus
snowtruck 	Snow truck
landcruiser Toyota Landcruiser
limo		Hollywood Limo (You must drive on the Hollywood track first)
volvo       Volvo station wagon
vwbug       VW Beatle
bug  		VW Bug 
Vanagon     VW Combi
vwfb      	VW Fastback
drive29   	tourbus
drive30   	limo
drive31   	citroen 2CV
drive33 	School Bus 
drive34 	School Bus 
drive35 	Box (From crashed plane on Mystic Peaks Track) 
drive36	wheel barrel
drive37   	outhouse
drive38   	TREX
drive39   	Western wagon
drive40   	souvieneer stand 1
drive41   	souvieneer stand 2
drive42   	souvieneer stand 3
drive43   	log
drive44   	wooden crate (found on Outback Track in Ghost Town)
drive45   	monorail
drive46   	hover cop car
drive47   	UFO
drive48   	hover sewage truck
drive49   	snow covered wooden box 1
drive50 	snow covered wooden box 2 

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