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NFL Blitz

*Enter the following codes prior to game start. 
Turbo rotates icon one, pass rotates icon two 
and jump rotates icon three. Press each the specified 
number of times. U, D, L and R are directional pad presses.
010U: late hits.
040U: huge head mode.
045U: super blitzing.
111U: clear tournament mode. (two player agreement)
151U: no punting.
210U: no first downs.
233U: powerup teammates.
312U: powerup offensive.
344U: no interceptions.
421U: powerup defensive.
433U: invisible mode.
444U: super blitz. (two player agreement)
514U: infinite turbo.
555U: hyper blitz. (two player agreement)
001D: shows field goal percentages.
012D: no CPU assistance. (two player agreement)
111D: tournament mode. (two player agreement)
423D: no random fumbles.
314D: smart CPU opponent.
522D: unidentified call carrier.
525D: snowy weather.
032L: fast turbo running.
115L: no play selection. (two player agreement)
123L: super field goal.
211L: allow stepping out of bounds.
212L: clear weather.
250L: fast passes.
312L: powerup blocker.
321L: no head mode.
333L: invisible receiver highlight.
404L: powerup speed. (two player agreement)
500L: turn off stadium.
021R: show more field. (two player agreement)
050R: big football mode.
102R: hides receiver name.
123R: headless team.
141R: team big players mode.
200R: big head mode.
203R: team big head mode.
222R: night game.
223R: unlimited throw distances.
310R: team tiny players.
423R: super passing. (two player agreement)
555R: rainy weather.

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