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Need For Speed IV: High Stakes

*Enter codes at the main menu.
Arcade Mode:
TP 00-15: enables you to drive as AI cars.
GOFAST: grants upgraded engine.
MONKEY: grants upgraded automatic transmission.
MOON: toggles low gravity mode.
MADLAND: toggles super human opponent mode.
Career Mode:
BUY: grants free purchases.
UP0: disables upgrades.
UP1: grants first upgrade.
UP2: grants second upgrade.
UP3: grants third upgrade.
GATES: grants extra cash.
Hot Pursuit Mode:
DCOP: grants bonus hot pursuit car.
ECOP: grants bonus hot pursuit car.
FCOP: grants bonus hot pursuit car.
Other Mode:
ACAR: grants bonus car.
BCAR: grants bonus car.
CCAR: grants bonus car.
CARS: grants all cars.
TRACKS: grants all tracks.
ALLTIERS: grants all tiers.
OUTMYWAY: unknown results.
RESETYA: unknown results.

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