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NBA Jam Tournament Edition

*Enter the following codes at the Tonights Matchup screeen. 
They appear as messages when entered.
Display Shooting Percentages: up,shoot,up,shoot,up,shoot.
Quick Hands: down,turbo.down,turbo,down,turbo.
Max Power: left,turbo,right,turbo,up,turbo.
Boost On Fire: shoot,shoot,down,shoot,shoot.
Boost Three Point shooting: shoot,shoot,shoot,up,up,up.
Boost Dunks: left,right,up,down,left,right.
Baby Mode: turbo,shoot,turbo,shoot,turbo,shoot.
11. Rooftop Court 
(Alternative code) [220] / Hold *LEFT* / Turbo: 2 / Shoot: 2 Pass: 0

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