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NHL '99


Type these codes in DURING the game:
MANTIS   - Gives players elongated arms, legs, and necks.
NHLKIDS  - Makes players kidsize.
HOMEGOAL - Gives home team a goal.
AWAYGOAL - Gives away team a goal.
PENALTY  - Causes a penalty.
INJURY   - Causes an injury.
ZAMBO    - Puts the zamboni on the ice.
VICTORY  - Starts fireworks over the rink.
FLASH    - Camera flashes from the stands.
SPOTS    - Turns on the pre-game spotlights.
CHECK    - Every player automatically body checks an opposing 
            player to the ice upon contact.
GRAB     - Similar to CHECK but with a stick hold instead of 
            a check. 


Create a new Player with the name Alfonso Puck, born on 20.03.1999. 
Now you must hear an Signal. If you started now a game, every shot
is a goal!!!

Crowd Sounds 

Then you score a goal, press the special moves button, and you 
will hear an air horn, fireworks, or a fan screaming. 

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