Grand Theft Auto

At the character select screen enter these codes as your name.

itstantrum     Unlimited lives
6031769        Unlimited lives
suckmyrocket   All weapons, all armor and a Get Out Of Jail Free card
buckfas        All weapons (press the * on the NUMPAD)
itsgallus      All levels and cities
nineinarow     All levels and cities
super well     All levels and cities
iamthelaw      No police
stevesmates    No police
itcouldbeyou   999999999 Points
hate machine   Point values raised
porkcharsui    Diagnostic Mode

To turn off time is hold Z and do the folloing, downC, upC, upC,downC.

When you explode, this code will leave u in the same place where exlpoded
{but if u expolde two times the game will take you some where}

Hold Z while you do this  "leftC, rightC, rightC, leftC."

to get big wheels on any car is
Front Wheels  - leftC, rightC, rightC, leftC.
Back Wheels -   rightC, leftC, leftC, rightC.