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Midtown Madness

Player Name Codes:
*Name your character as one of the following to enable that code.
amizdA eoJ: all traffic vehicles drive in reverse.
Big Bus Party: all traffic comprised of city busses (disables score).
Jet Planes: all traffic comprised of air planes (disables score).
Showme Cops: displays all police units on map (disables score).
Tiny Car: all traffic vehicles comprised of compacts (disables score).
Warp Eleven: enhances computer AI ten times (disables score).
Cruise Mode Name Codes:
Vaboeing_small (& pick city bus): mini-jet.
Vabus (& pick city bus): bus with new paint job.
Vacompact (& pick vw bug): rabbit compact.
Vadelivery (& pick the Ford F350): delivery truck.
Vadiesels (& pick the City Bus): diesel.
Valimo (& pick mustang gt): random limo.
Valimoangel (& pick the mustang gt): white limo.
Valimoblack (& pick the mustang gt): black limo.
Vapickup (& pick ford f350): pickup truck.
Vasedanl (& pick bullet): generic light car.
Vasedans (& pick cadillac): generic car.
Vataxi (& pick cadillac): yellow cab.
Vataxicheck (& pick cadillac): green checkered cab.
Vavan (& pick ford f350): van.
In Game Codes:
*Press CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-F7 then enter one of the following codes.
/big: increases pedestrian size.
/bridge: speeds up bridges (disables score).
/nodamage: disables damage (disables score).
/damage: enables damage (disables score).
/dizzy: makes sky spin.
/fuzz: toggles police radar (disables score).
/grav: cuts gravity in half (disables score).
/nosmoke: disables damage and wheel smoke.
/postal: pressing horn fires mailboxes (disables score).
/puck: removes all friction (disables score).
/slide: remoes friction from ambient cars (disables score).
/smoke: enables damage and wheel smoke.
/swap: swaps trains with strings of 737s.
/talkfast: speeds up commentary.
/talkslow: slows down commentary.
/tiny: decreases pedestrian size.
/ufo: replaces planes with UFOs.
Command Line Switch Codes:
-allcars: grants access to all cars.
-allrace: grants access to all races.

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