FREE Robotic Mount - FREE Ship


*Create a file called ixtlriimceourl in your MechCommander directory
 by copying and renaming the existing windows.
fit file to enable developer cheat mode. 
Warning - certain codes may crash the game.
Logistics Cheats (entered during logistics phase):
KEEPTHEHAMMERDOWN: removes the current mission's drop weight limit.
POUNDOFFLESH: grants 100,000 resource points.
Gameplay Cheats (entered during a mission):
CTRL-ALT-W: advances the player to the Mission Successful screen.
DEADEYE: adds Max Gunnery skill to all mechs.
FRAMEGRAPH: charts framerate in graphical form.
GLENNROCKSTHEHOUSE: guarantees full salvage of all destroyed mechs.
LORDBUNNY: grants unlimited, instant artillery strikes. 
Press B and left-click to nuke target.
LORRIE: repairs all damaged armor and weapons.
MINEEYESHAVESEENTHEGLORY: reveals the entire map.
OSMIUM: makes all your mechs and vehicles invincible.

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