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*Cheats are entered at the console (the ~ key) 
followed by ENTER to activate.
A_MOVEME X,Y,Z: teleports you to selected coordinates.
BIG FINALE: plays the ending sequence.
BIND P POSITIONS makes P key display your x, y,z coordinates.
DIR MAPS: lists all available maps.
FLY: toggles fly mode.
IMPULSE 10: large magic attack.
IMPULSE 11: toggles god mode.
IMPULSE 42: displays TECHNICALLY, THIS IS AN EASTER EGG to the screen.
IMPULSE 43: instant death #1 of 5.
IMPULSE 69: instant death #2 of 5.
MAP #: (replace # with map name) to warp to selected map.
NOCLIP: toggles no clipping mode.
ODE TO JACK: kills all creatures on the current level.
PC_SPAWNTHING #: replace # with item or creature name 
to spawn it in the game.

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