FREE Robotic Mount - FREE Ship

M.A.X. 2

Edit the Max2.ini file and use the following settings:
This should give you access to all campaigns.
Again, here are cheats that work only with the standalone, single 
player missions:
This is toggle. Turn it on to see all the units on the map, even the ones
outside of your normal Scan range. You still cannot target units 
that are outside the Scan range of one of your units.
This is also a toggle. Turn it on to see the locations of all the
material and gold resources.
This will fill all of your units and buildings with the maximum 
amount of material.
Select a unit and use this cheat code. That unit will be upgraded to 
the highest possible level.

Please Note: Cheats and Hints listed above may not support all 
            versions of the game.

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