FREE Robotic Mount - FREE Ship


*Start the game with the command line 
parameter "kingpin +developer 1" to enable 
the in game console. Enter the following codes at the console.
BINDLIST: displays all current key bindings.
GIVE AMMO: grants full ammo.
GIVE CASH: grants one hundred dollars.
GIVE HEALTH: grants full health.
GIVE WEAPONS: grants all weapons (unmodded).
GOD: toggles god mode.
HUD: toggles heads up display.
KILL: kills you.
MAP : loads specified map.
PAUSE: pauses and unpauses game.
PINGSERVERS: pings servers in address book and displays results.
NOCLIP: toggles clipping mode.
NOTARGET: makes you undetectable to enemies.
TIMEREFRESH: reports fps.

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