FREE Robotic Mount - FREE Ship

Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2

During gameplay, press the "T" key to toggle console mode, 
(at top of screen, the word "command" appears) and type in the code.
then press enter to activate it.

thereisnotry      - Next Level
whiteflag (1/0)   - Enables/Disables AI
deeznuts          - Increases Force Level
eriamjh           - Fly Mode                   
jediwannabe (1/0) - Enables/Disables Invulunability
red5              - All Weapons
wamprat           - All Items
yodajammies       - More Mana/Force Power
raccoonking       - Uber-Jedi - All Force Powers
imayoda           - Light Side Force Powers
sithlord          - Dark Side Force Powers
5858lvr           - Reveal Map
slowmo (1/0)      - Enables/Disables Slow Motion
warp x     - Warp to x level

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