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Jagged Alliance 2: Deadly Games

Laptop Screen Codes:
*Press appropriate key to activate corresponding cheat.
+: grants one hundred thousand dollars.
-: subtracts ten thousand dollars.
Map Screen Codes:
*Type appropriate code to activate.
CTRL-T: teleports troops to selected sector.
Tactics Screen Codes:
*Hold [CTRL] and type IGUANA at tactics screen to enable cheat mode.
ALT-B: spawns enemy at pointer location.
ALT-C: spawns civilist at pointer location.
ALT-D: refreshes selected merc's action points.
ALT-E: displays all units and objects.
ALT-G: spawns new merc at pointer location.
ALT-I: spawns random weapon at pointer location.
ALT-K: explodes gas grenade at pointer location.
ALT-O: kills all enemies in current sector.
ALT-Q: displays interior of all buildings.
ALT-R: refills ammo.
ALT-T: teleports selected merc to pointer location.
ALT-W: enables item scrolling.
ALT-Y: spawns roboter at pointer location.
ALT-KEYPAD1: transforms merc into tank.
ALT-KEYPAD2: transforms merc into bug.
ALT-KEYPAD4: places merc in wheelchair.
ALT-KEYPAD5: transforms merc into large bug.
CTRL-F: displays frame rate.
CTRL-H: subtracts health points from merc at pointer location.
CTRL-K: explodes hand grenade at pointer location.
CTRL-O: spawns enemy bug at pointer location.
CTRL-T: bad queen arrests all mercs in current sector.
CTRL-U: adds health points to merc at pointer location.

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