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Hidden & Dangerous

Demo Cheats:
*Type UNLOCKCHEATMODE at the Choose Campaign screen to enable cheat mode.
ALLAMMO: grants all weapons and full ammo.
BIGHEAD: toggles big head mode.
ENEMYLOOKB: toggles over the shoulder view.
ENEMYLOOKF: toggles enemy view.
GOODHEALTH: restores health.
KILLTHEMALL: kills all enemies.
LARACROFT: dresses your character in drag.
MISSIONDONE: successfully completes current mission.
MISSION FAIL: unsuccessfully completes current mission.
NOPLAYERHITS: toggles invulnerability.
OPENALLDOOR: opens all doors.
PLAYERCOORDS: displays your coordinates.
SHOWTHEEND: displays end game credits.
ZOMBIE: regenerate as a zombie.

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