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Hexen II

CHANGELEVELx: warps you to level x (insert a number).
CHASE_ACTIVE 1: chase camera mode (third person viewpoint).
GIVE H 999: grants 999 health (or lesser value you substitute).
GIVE 2: grants weapon 2.
GIVE 3: grants weapon 3.
GIVE 4: grants weapon 4.
GOD: toggles god mode.
IMPULSE 9: grants all weapons and full mana.
IMPULSE 10: changes your weapon.
IMPULSE 13: lifts an object.
IMPULSE 14: temporarily turns you into a sheep.
IMPULSE 22: toggles permanent crouch mode.
IMPULSE 23: grants a torch.
IMPULSE 25: grants the tome of power.
IMPULSE 39: toggles flying mode.
IMPULSE 40: increases your experience level.
IMPULSE 43: grants all weapons, full mana and all items.
IMPULSE 44: throw an item.
IMPULSE 99: restart the level.
IMPULSE 100: uses the torch.
IMPULSE 101: uses the quartz flask.
IMPULSE 102: uses the mystic urn.
IMPULSE 103: uses the krater of might.
IMPULSE 104: uses the chaos device.
IMPULSE 105: uses the tome of power.
IMPULSE 106: uses the stone of summoning.
IMPULSE 107: uses the invisibility sphere.
IMPULSE 108: uses the glyph of the ancients.
IMPULSE 109: uses the boots of speed.
IMPULSE 110: uses the repulsion disk.
IMPULSE 111: uses the seal of the ovinomancer.
IMPULSE 112: uses the ring of flight.
IMPULSE 113: uses the force cube.
IMPULSE 114: uses the icon of the defender.
NAME x: changes your name to x (substitute name).
NOCLIP: toggles clipping mode.
NOTARGET: toggles enemies' ability to sense your presence.
RESTART: restarts the level.

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