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Heroes Of Might And Magic III

*Press [TAB] during gameplay, then enter one of the following codes.
NWCALREADYGOTONE: reveals all secret items on map.
NWCANTIOCH: grants ammo, ballistas and tents.
NWCAVERTINGOUREYES: grants 35 archangels.
NWCCASTLEANTHRAX: grants hero maximum luck.
NWCCOCONUTS: grants hero unlimited movement points.
NWCFLESHWOUND: grants hero death knights.
NWCGENERALDIRECTION: reveals the entire map.
NWCIGOTBETTER: grants hero one level.
NWCMUCHREJOICING: grants hero maximum morale.
NWCONLYAMODEL: constructs all castle structures.
NWCPHISHERPRICE: brightens game palette.
NWCSHRUBBERY:increases all resources.
NWCSIRROBIN: unsuccessfully completes the current mission.
NWCTIM: grants hero all spells and 999 spell points.
NWCTROJANRABBIT: successfully completes the current mission.

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