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Heretic II

*Enter codes at the console (~).
ANGERMONSTERS: irritates monsters.
AQUATICAPE: toggles no target mode.
CHANGELEVELxx: level warp.
CRAZYMONSTERS: makes monsters go berserk.
GIVE H (0-999): grants 0-999 health.
GOD: toggles god mode.
KIWI: toggles no clipping mode.
NOCLIP: toggles no clipping mode.
NOTARGET: toggles no target mode.
PLAYBETTER: toggles god mode.
TWOWEEKS: toggles the infinite powerup.
VICTOR: kills all monsters.
IMPULSE 9: grants all weapons and full mana.
IMPULSE 10: grants all weapons and full mana.
IMPULSE 13: lifts an object.
IMPULSE 14: transforms player into a sheep.
IMPULSE 25: grants the tome of power.
IMPULSE 32: grants boots, force cube and invisibility.
IMPULSE 35: toggles no monster mode.
IMPULSE 36: freezes monsters.
IMPULSE 39: toggles flying mode.
IMPULSE 40: increases your level by one.
IMPULSE 41: increases your experience points.
IMPULSE 43: grants all weapons, all items and full mana.
IMPULSE 171: change to the Paladin class.
IMPULSE 172: change to the Crusader class.
IMPULSE 173: change to the Necromancer class.
IMPULSE 174: change to the Assassin class.
IMPULSE 254: displays "King Of The Hill".

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