FREE Robotic Mount - FREE Ship


Hold CTRL In The Main Menu 
And Write These codes while 
still holding 

SKIDMARX - Enable Cheat and Edit Stats
CREATURE - Enable Creature Test

Boss Weak Spots 

Boss 1: Keep shooting at the red in the left of this 
Freaks chest. Then when his armor breaks shoot him 
anywhere on his almost-dead body and hes a dead corpse. 
Watch out when he goes crazy because he'll keep swinging
his Blood-Blade staff.

Boss 2: Keep shooting the Gargoyles stomach til he falls 
to the ground. Watch out for his bat minions.

Boss 3: Keep Shooting the Giant Spiders face. Just watch 
out for the webs he throws at you.

Final Boss: This is one tough battle. Keep shooting his 
handes to reduce the amount of fireballs he throws your 

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